"Plastic Recycling in Saxony" Seminar

AgPR News "Plastic Recycling in Saxony" Seminar

In May 2019, Interessengemeinschaft Kunststoffrecyclinginitiative Sachsen e.V. (IG KURIS) held the 28th seminar on the subject of plastic recycling in Saxony. This year, the focus was on the increasingly critical view of “plastic” and “plastic recovery” among the public. It deliberately considered the demands made by the desired high-quality plastic recycling on plastic as a high-performance material and innovative plastic processing. In this context, Dr Jochen Zimmermann, the Managing Director of AgPR, outlined the current situation of PVC in Germany and, as a focus, presented the joint “Campaign PVC Recycling “, which has been active for more than 15 years and whose founding members include AGPU, KRV, Rewindo and Roofcollect alongside AgPR. The speakers from politics, the waste management sector, legal consulting, industry and academia, covered a wide range of topics.

http://www.ig-kuris.de/daten/kunststoffrecycling_2019/01_Programm_28.Seminar.pdf From a technical point of view, the presentations by Udo Wagenknecht, Clas Ötting, Bert Handschick and Swetlana Wagner were particularly interesting. Ms Wagner, of Fraunhofer IVV, presented the “Circular Flooring” project, in which AgPR is involved as a project partner. The presentations can be downloaded here. http://www.ig-kuris.de/daten/kunststoffrecycling_2019/Vortraege.html Arbeitsgemeinschaft PVC-Bodenbelag Recycling [Working Group on PVC Floor Covering Recycling] Dr Jochen Zimmermann