“PVC Recyclers Meet PVC Processors” in Lüneburg

AgPR Actualité “PVC Recyclers Meet PVC Processors” in Lüneburg

Following many videoconferences and after more than two years there was finally an in-person meeting in the “PVC Recyclers Meet PVC Converters” series in Lüneburg on 9 May 2022. Although there were only 20 attendees, which did not match the numbers of participants in the preceding online meetings, the pleasure among all visitors to meet face-to-face again was all the greater. The unanimous opinion was that discussions were not only more intense, but also more effective.

As expected, the event mainly attracted visitors from the north of Germany. The host was GFA‑Lüneburg (https://www.gfa-lueneburg.de/), a local authority waste disposal contractor, which organises separate collection of waste such as floor coverings, roofing membranes, windows and pipes made of PVC and thus actively helps to ensure these materials are sent for recycling. In addition to the presentations, viewing the disposal facilities including climbing the landfill was another highlight of the event.

VinylPlus Deutschland together with the AgPR, Rewindo and IVK Europe offers an expert platform in the form of the successful format “PVC Recyclers Meet PVC Converters”, where the focus is on first-hand information on the subject of PVC recycling, direct exchanges, and personal conversations. The next event is planned for the second half of the year.