Further Increasing Acceptance of Recycling

AgPR News Further Increasing Acceptance of Recycling

At the end of June, the established series of events “PVC Recyclers Meet PVC Converters” entered a new round at the premises of floor covering manufacturer Tarkett in Lentzweiler, Luxembourg. Together, VinylPlus®, AGPU, AgPR, Rewindo, IVK Europe and Roofcollect® once again invited many PVC recyclers and PVC convertors to talk to each other about the recycling offering and requirements for recycled material at three meetings in different regions.

The conclusions from the first meeting of experts were:
• The importance of recycling is increasing for all involved.
• Acceptance of the use of new products made of recycled materials must be further increased in companies and among consumers.
• Around 75 per cent of the annual PVC production in Germany is used for sustainable PVC construction products.
• Finally, the sector is in a particularly good position for the recycling of these products and the activities of the AGPU and the European sustainability programme, VinylPlus, greatly contribute to this.