Campaign PVC Recycling at the Anniversary Celebrations of Hündgen Entsorgung in Ollheim

AgPR News Campaign PVC Recycling at the Anniversary Celebrations of Hündgen Entsorgung in Ollheim

On 21 September 2019, the Managing Director of AgPR, Dr Jochen Zimmermann, and the Managing Director of Rewindo GmbH presented Campaign PVC Recycling at the elaborate public celebrations for the 70th anniversary of Hündgen Entsorgung in Ollheim.
More than 500 guests, including the North-Rhine Westphalian Economics Minister Andreas Pinkwart (FDP), the Mayor Petra Kalkbrenner and many people from the waste disposal sector and politics, celebrated the family firm’s anniversary fittingly on the 30,000 square metre company site on the outskirts of Ollheim, where 200,000 tonnes of waste are recovered every year.
Earlier, Winfied Hündgen had announced construction of a plant costing millions, in which plastic waste is to be turned into granulates for reuse. The plant could be built before the end of this year and start operations in the middle of next year. Even now, in Sorting Hall 1, the heart of the building, recycled recoverables from trade, commerce and industry are separated according to their constituent materials on two modern sorting lines, PVC construction products as well as DSD material.

For Campaign PVC Recycling, the exhibition about waste disposal, recovery and waste prevention organised as part of the celebration was another good opportunity to present the successful work of the recyclers of PVC construction products, such as PVC floor coverings and PVC windows. In many conversations with visitors to our information stand, who included guests of honour from politics and industry, Hündgen employees and their family members and neighbours, expressed their appreciation for the work of Campaign PVC Recycling, which has been ongoing for decades now. An extensive supporting programme and generous hospitality rounded off the successful event.